Voice Communication

Eware provides High quality SFB/Teams ready devices, embedded with the SFB/Teams application for a consistent user interface and workflow, low learning costs and highly restore SFB/Teams user usage habits, secure customers’ investment and project opportunities, and flexible upgradability of device application (Teams or SFB) for customers.


Solutions support the latest Android platforms for the most robust Teams experience today and in the future. Seamlessly transition on-the-road calls to at-your-desk collaboration. Connect to Microsoft Teams with one touch. Stay charged and keep talking all day.

Function and Features
Function and Features
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Channel Experience
Help Microsoft/SIs to do more for less


Productivity Enhancement
Help to increase voice usage


Future-Proof solutions

Microsoft certified devices; available for Skype for Business (on-premises and Office 365) and for Teams

Secure customers’ investment and project opportunities

Flexible upgradability of device application (Teams or SFB) for customers


Meet needs of various business users and scenarios

Multiple user cases (personal, collaboration and meetings)

Designed for personal desks, executive rooms, mid- and large-scale meeting rooms

Prices range from mid-level to premium

Easier to deploy with GUI-driven Device Management Platform and 4 ways of deployment methods