One-Touch Meeting Control

A simple and secure meeting room interface that provides multi-platform integration to transform any PC or interactive display into a one click meeting space.


Customer Pain

Starting meetings can take up to 10 minutes of the meeting time due to the variety of audio visual technology in the company and the many things that can prevent the meeting from staring promptly whether is it the lack of education on the people side or the technology itself. The lack of a standard easy to use interface makes it challenging for users to click to join meetings and collaborate on work.


Audience -Target Market/Customer

Customers with interactive displays or multiple meetings rooms, huddle spaces, board and conference rooms who are looking to standardize the look and feel of the user interface for launching any meeting room type, start applications, launch web sites, access data and content and share device screens with the intent to save time starting the meeting and reduce support costs.


What we do

Eware can help with the interface which is fully customizable to meet the customer's specific needs. Customers can have their company logo, specific tiles to launch meetings and specific applications however they want to present the interface to the users.


Supported Vendors:


"One touch" to productivity with any provider


Room reset and lockdown mode provides peace of mind

Customize it to your needs