Yealink VC Desktop

Personal Video Collaboration Software
Yealink VC Desktop is the latest addition to Yealink’s innovative One-stop Video Conferencing Solution, mainly for the people who work in the office, in business travel or at home. Yealink VC Desktop is a high-quality, best-in-class high definition (HD) video collaboration program created to streamline communication for today’s businesses. The product offers an optimal one-click setup process with rapid automatic installation, eliminating the need for lengthy, manual efforts. End users will also benefit from the product’s easy navigability over a HD display.

Yealink VC Desktop is highly-compatible with Windows® 7 or later, and also compatible with Mac OS X 10.8 or later. What’s more, Yealink VC Desktop supports Network Address Translation (NAT), as well as Yealink’s Intelligent Firewall Traversal for risk-free video conferencing. With its superior bandwidth adaptability as well as up to 30% video and 50% audio packet loss resistance, Yealink VC Desktop is without question an ideal option for first class video conferencing and collaboration.


Features and Benefits
Features and Benefits
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Yealink YMS Meeting Server & Yealink VC Cloud Management Service
Carried with Yealink YMS Meeting Server and Yealink VC Cloud Management Service, no messing around with settings, Yealink VC Desktop enables you to have a HD video conferencing by simply dialing Cloud number whenever and wherever you like.

Full HD video and content sharing
Yealink VC Desktop offers 1080P FHD streaming video and 1080P content sharing (decode) to ensure an efficient and smooth communication for all kinds of people.

H.323/SIP dual-protocol support
The product features broad interoperability with H.323/SIP dual-protocol support. As a result, the product is compatible with other mainstream video conferencing equipment and other communication devices, enabling users more flexibly and effectively expand their overall reach in a way that is truly impactful and effective.

Excellent network adaptability
Yealink VC Desktop is with the excellent network adaptability, wherever and whenever you can have a video collaboration easily in all network environment. Yealink VC Desktop is able to support multiple network traversal modes for greater adaptability, including network address translation (NAT), H.460 and more. In addition, the program’s Intelligent Firewall Traversal enable end users to quickly and easily access to video collaboration once users connect to the network; the product’s bandwidth dynamic adaptive adjustment feature guarantees superb video conferencing experiences, even under fluctuating network conditions.

One-click setup and ease of use
This next-generation product was created with the ultimate user experience in mind. Through its unique one-click setup, Yealink VC Desktop allows for automatic installation and online auto upgrade. And of course, this sleek and efficient product is just as easy to use as it is to set up.