Avaya IP Office

The Avaya IP Office™ Platform is a powerful Unified Communications (UC) and customer experience solution specifically designed for small and midsize businesses.


IP Office delivers seamless voice, video, UC (including unified messaging, mobility, persistent messaging), audio, video, and web collaboration, as well as integration with popular desktop applications such as Outlook, Skype for Business and Salesforce.com. With its ability to run inside a virtual machine, on a dedicated server or appliance, or in a mixed deployment environment, IP Office offers flexibility and a cost-effective choice.


With over 635,000 systems shipped worldwide, IP Office is the leader in Unified Communications and real-time collaboration for small and midsize businesses.


IP Office

  • Unparalleled scale – up to 3,000 users on a single-site server or across 150 locations.
  • Flexible deployment options: On premise, in the cloud, or hybrid.
  • Avaya Equinox client support for outstanding mobility and soft phone capabilities.
  • Flexible resiliency options including server and UC client failover and support for VMware High Availability. Resiliency is available for cloud to cloud, cloud to premise, premise to cloud, and premise to premise deployments.
  • Avaya Call Reporting helping customers manage their phone systems through cradle of grave call reporting, tracking, and recording.
  • Communications security measures including embedded encryption of signaling and voice traffic.
  • Integration with industry-standard LDAP directories including Microsoft Active Directory (Server Edition and Select).


What’s New with IP Office R11.0?

IP Office R11.0 extends Avaya’s innovation in the cloud and midmarket, delivering greater resilience, security and value through a wide range of endpoints, and fully integrated, easy to use, desktop and mobile clients including Avaya Equinox. R11.0 also introduces Avaya Call Reporting, enabling customers to track and report on every call without deploying a complete contact center solution. Through a single architecture, IP Office is available for both premises-base and cloud-delivered deployments.

Features and Benefits
Features and Benefits
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Why Upgrade to IP Office R11.0?

The communications industry has changed dramatically over the past five years, thanks to the proliferation of cloud-based applications, web conferencing and the Internet of Things. As the IT landscape has evolved, so has Avaya IP Office. As with most customers, the communications platform they rolled out several years ago continues to operate with the performance they rely on, while business and customers have changed dramatically in a very short time.


Now with the introduction of the Avaya Equinox client to the midmarket, users can collaborate anywhere from any device, across any channel. New Avaya Vantage™ and J100 Series phones also provide refreshed devices to drive sales and migration opportunities.


Instant communications and collaboration is now a must-have for enabling employees and making fast business decisions. Winning business means serving customers in the way they want to be served – and faster than competitors can. By modernizing the communications infrastructure, connecting any employee, anywhere, means improving customer service and reducing costs. Additional benefits can translate into increases in revenue and profits.


Enhanced Collaboration

  • With R11.0 the Avaya Equinox client is supported in IP Office as a soft phone and provides outstanding mobility. Persistent Messaging is delivered via Spaces with presence through the IP Office core. Optional subscriptions are available via Avaya Equinox Meetings Online for multi-party audio / video / web conferencing.
  • For ease of use and an enhanced user experience, the new IP Office Web Client is a WebRTC browser-based client that facilitates audio, video, Instant Messaging and Presence based collaboration between users in either a Chrome browser (Windows or macOS) or as a standalone Windows client.
  • R11.0 supports the new J169 and J179 IP phones, transforming the desktop communications experience with a dynamic user interface and ergonomic design. The Avaya Vantage Device also comes to the midmarket with R11.0.
  • Media Manager will now be the primary recording / archiving solution. Media Manager search capabilities are improved for both the Administrator and User with R11.0.


Call Reporting and Tracking

  • Avaya Call Reporting helps customers manage their phone system and business with ease and confidence. Cradle to grave call reporting and tracking is presented through over 50 standard reports.
  • Recording Library provides easy access to recordings within the same reporting interface via IP Office Voicemail Pro integration.
  • Realtime agent seat and Agent Dashboards enhance IP Office hunt groups and deliver visual call management with wallboards and customized agent dashboard displays.
  • Delivers comprehensive call reporting without a deploying a complete contact center solution.


Ease of Doing Business

  • There have been significant advancements in security and resiliency, particularly for those that are interested in moving to cloud deployments. For Avaya partners, simplifying deployments with new configuration wizards ease installation complexity and technician time.
  • Avaya offers solutions from pure premises deployments, to pure cloud deployments. This offers flexibility for customers to start with a premises solution, move to cloud as a resiliency option, or start in cloud and have resiliency on premises. As an added benefit, customers who are familiar and accustomed to analog line appearances, as with a key system, may now deploy SIP trunks and program line appearance buttons on their phones. SIP Line Appearance is supported on Essential Edition, Server Edition, Select and Powered By solutions. This makes it easier to migrate smaller businesses from Basic Edition to SIP trunked systems while preserving their user experience and business processes.
  • With R11.0, IP Office fully transitions to Product License and Delivery System (PLDS) licensing for new system deployments. Partners benefit from self-service licensing management and the utilization of a common licensing format across the Avaya solution stack.
  • The Avaya One Source (A1S) upgrade configuration option simplifies and automates upgrades to R11.0, with the same process used for R10/R10.1. Avaya will continue to support aftermarket licensing for user and trunking for those customers who may need to expand their system but are not ready to upgrade.


Stronger Resiliency and Security

  • IP Office provides high-availability and stronger security without high costs and complexity. Customer locations may have automatic backup, active calls stay connected, no idle hardware needed.
  • R11.0 introduces WebRTC Gateway resiliency with IP Office Select; providing High Availability to WebRTC users.


Simplified Installation, Administration and Support

  • R11.0 contains features aimed at making installation both faster and simpler. New installation wizards for small IP systems reduce the time and effort for deploying systems on day 1 and revising system configurations on day 2.
  • Cloud Operations Manager (COM) provides multi-customer management capability via a single unified management portal capable of management and administration of up to 3,000 IP Office nodes and 1,000 customer instances. The tool is focused on cloud deployments and may also be used with Server Edition and IP Office Select deployments.

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Avaya IP Office Platform Overview

Transform the way you conduct business Create a seamless engagement experience for your customers and employees. Regardless of where they are working or the device they are using, give your people the communications and collaboration capabilities that will set your business apart—and allow you to compete with businesses that are much larger. Do all of that and much more with Avaya IP Office—the proven communications platform relied on by hundreds of thousands of growing businesses will millions of users all over the world …. IP Office has everything you need—the phone, messaging, conferencing, video, even your own customer contact center…. all in a single, flexible platform.

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Migrating to IP Office in the Cloud

eing competitive today is about the right communications - support for mobility, team engagement, customer experience on any device - with Avaya IP Office in the Cloud you get it all. For customers with an on-premise IP Office thinking about migrating to IP Office in the Cloud.

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