IMAGO Edu Board

Built in Camera & Omnidirectional Microphones
Equipped with an 12 megapixel camera with a 104 degrees wide-angle view. Omnidirectional 360 degrees microphone with coverage up to 12 meters, wide-band audio support & echo cancellation.

Virtual Classroom Ready
One-click to join virtual classroom instantly via web browser without any plug-ins.

Classroom Management via Smart Present
Instant collaboration with seamless screen sharing & screen broadcasting to students’ devices, making learning sessions more interactive & fun.

Co-annotation & Editing
Effortless collaboration with real-time co-annotation & editing with remote participants.

Video Recording & Archiving
Virtual classroom sessions can be recorded and archived on a local repository / integrated with Learning Management System (LMS).

Collaborative Whiteboard
Multi-touch Digital Collaborative Whiteboard with drawing features. Contents can be saved locally or shared via a QR code.

Hybrid Private Cloud
IMAGO Flash offers adaptive hybrid support which allows you to host your own “Private Cloud” by localizing your video traffic and saving on expensive WAN bandwidth.

Built-in user friendly user interface with IMAGO Unified Operating System.

Download Resources

Beginner's Guide to IMAGO AIOS

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IMAGO Whiteboard Tutorial

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IMAGO Blended Learning & Smart Classroom Solutions

Bridging the gap evolved ever since the COVID-19 pandemic, education is now reimagined with #IMAGOEDUBOARD. The education sector is moving from coping to accelerating technology adaptability, where collaboration between IMAGO & Schools aims to curate an advanced learning environment that focuses on nurturing future ready students.