09 June 2021

Introducing Zoom Phone Appliances, a Complete Zoom Phone and Meetings Experience

Today Zoom is excited to launch a new category of devices, Zoom Phone Appliances, purpose-built business productivity endpoints that provide both Zoom Phone and Meetings capabilities. These devices enable users to collaborate effortlessly with colleagues and clients using premium video, audio, and content sharing capabilities.


Zoom Phone Appliances will launch with three models – the Poly CCX 600 with Camera, the Poly CCX 700, as well as the Yealink VP59 – and the simplified user experience makes it easy to select the right communication solution for every conversation.


“The Zoom Phone Appliance allows me to enjoy a seamless Zoom Phone and video experience via a high-quality desk phone like the Poly CCX 700. And it works right out of the box. I just set it up, signed in, and I was able to connect immediately,” said Kevin Atkin, Director of IT, Real-time Collaboration, at Gilead Sciences.


A new device with a familiar ring to it

If you’ve used any Zoom product across Zoom platform, then you already know how Zoom Phone Appliances work. Each appliance leverages the capabilities of a modern Android platform, leapfrogging the user experience of traditional SIP phones.


Right out of the box, these intuitive appliances are plug and play. The user logs into their account via their browser with their Zoom credentials and enters a pairing code for authentication and setup. They can begin making phone calls and start or join video meetings immediately.


Versatile communications for everyone

Zoom Phone Appliances simplify both ad-hoc and scheduled meetings and support today’s hybrid workflows.


Employees can log in or out of any device, including those in shared spaces and touchdown areas, with their Zoom account. Visual shared lines also offer the capability to retrieve calls that have been placed on hold by an assistant, streamlining the management of executive communications. And any user can elevate a phone call to a Zoom Meeting using the device touchscreen.


Zoom Phone Appliances have all the phone and video features you’re familiar with (with more to come), including:


Phone capabilities

  • Caller ID, call history, voicemail, transfer options, 3-way calling, call blocking
  • Shared Line Appearance/Delegation
  • Calendar integration
  • Corporate directory

Collaboration capabilities

  • High-quality video and audio
  • Whiteboard
  • Content sharing
  • In-meeting chat
  • Recording
  • Customizable views


Getting more from your communications

If you have existing Poly CCX 600 or CCX 700 devices or the Yealink VP59 on other platforms or Open SIP, Eware can help you convert them to Zoom Phone Appliances through the Zoom Hardware-as-a-Service program.