Scopia XT Telepresence

Customized Immersive Telepresence

The Avaya Scopia® XT Telepresence Platform creates a lifelike, immersive experience replicating the feeling of meeting in-person. The Scopia XT Telepresence Platform is customizable to the unique requirements of individual rooms and customer needs. Installed and configured by the worldwide network of Avaya channel partners, the XT Telepresence Platform provides a cost-effective and highly flexible approach, enabling partners to meet the unique needs of each customer deployment.

Customers can work with their Avaya partner to define the installation and furnishings that best fit within their conference room and budgets to deliver a distinct customized telepresence experience with the Scopia XT Telepresence Platform.

Immersive Life-like Experience
Replicate the feeling of meeting in person.  The SCOPIA XT Telepresence Platform incorporates state of-the-art technology with support for full HD 1080p video, 48 kHz full band audio and 1080p 30fps PC data sharing for an immersive life-like experience.


Customizable and Flexible
Delivers an immersive telepresence experience tailored to the unique requirements of individual rooms and customer needs.  Installed and configured by our worldwide network of channel partners, the Platform provides a cost-effective and flexible telepresence deployment approach with optimal quality in all conditions ensured through powerful calibration and setup tools.


Market Leading Interoperability
The SCOPIA XT Telepresence Platform combined with the SCOPIA Elite MCU delivers unmatched interoperability with telepresence systems from Cisco®/Tandberg®, Logitech®/LifeSize® and Polycom® as well as with any standards-based video conferencing system for full video, audio and H.239 data collaboration.


Intuitive Apple iPad Control
The learning curve for using the SCOPIA XT Telepresence Platform is virtually eliminated with the SCOPIA Control Multi-Touch™ application for the Apple iPad®.  First time users can initiate calls, control their SCOPIA XT Telepresence systems and moderate meetings without any training or introduction.


Breakthrough Price Point
The SCOPIA XT Telepresence Platform enables the creation of an exceptional immersive experience at a breakthrough price point.  The Telepresence Platform stands out amongst the competition delivering immersive collaboration capabilities for a fraction of what competitors charge.

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